Wood and Veneer

Dust frequently with a clean, damp, lint-free cloth. This will help remove abrasive buildup which can damage a finish over time. If needed, use an appropriate wood furniture cleaner in the direction of the wood grain followed by a dry lint-free cloth.

Avoid exposing your furniture to strong sunlight, heat outlets, open windows, or dampness as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the finish of your furniture while extreme temperature and humidity changes can cause cracking or splitting.

Do not place hot cups, pots, or serving dishes directly onto wooden surfaces. Do not expose your furniture to any liquids and never allow water to sit on your table.

Alcohol, nail polish, and perfume are also dangerous as they can dissolve the furniture finish on contact and may require professional repairs. Small marks and scratches may be touched up or covered with a marker or touch-up stick.


Protect your leather furniture from direct sunlight to prevent drying out and fading. For best possible results, wipe clean with a leather cleaner and condition the surface 2-3 times a year with a leather conditioner.

Stainless Steel, Chrome, Acrylic, and High Gloss

Wipe dry with a clean dry cloth. If necessary, wipe clean with a damp soft cloth and a mild non-abrasive dish detergent.

Faux Leather

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and a mild non-abrasive dish detergent. Wipe dry with a clean cloth


Never allow any spill to sit on the marble, as it could penetrate and permanently stain the stone. Sealing the marble regularly can also help avoid stains by increasing liquid resistance. Wipe the marble surface with a lint-free cloth and spray the sealer on the surface. Buff the surface dry with a lint-free cloth.